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Vitiligo and Psoriasia treatment with Excimer Laser Dubai




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 EXCLAIMER LASER - Latest and Safe solution for VITILIGO & PSORIASIS

 Excimer Laser can deliver effective result . If you suffer from Vitiligo You know the frustrations , white spots that cause. Uneven skin color and no current safe and effective treatment . Finally - you may be able to enjoy effective relief from the unsightly symptoms of Vitiligo . With the revolutionary EXCIMER LASER system , you can feel good about yourself again. With treatment sessions which can last just a few minutes , Excimer Laser can change your life.

Laser cleared for Vitiligo treatment

Excimer Laser approved by FDA ( USA ) to treat VITILIGO . Excimer Laser potentially stimulates malanocytes that may be present deep in the skin .

Q: How is the Excimer system different?

A: The excimer system is light years ahead of all other vitiligo treatments .Using a carefully focused beam of Laser light delivered through a sophisticated fiber optic device , the Extrac system can treat unsightly vitiligo patches quickly and effectively in some patients . Because it concentrates light only on the affected area , Xtrac can deliver the doses necessary to help stimulate the malanocytes without exposing healthy skin UV radiation , as in traditional photo therapy .

Q: How long do treatment session last?

A: Treatments vary depending on body surface area affected with the disease . Most treatment sessions last only a few minutes - in fact less than five minutes.

Q: What happens during treatment?

A: The Laser Hand piece is moved over the affected area , focusing Laser light at your determined dose .Depending on size of the area to be treated this usually takes only few minutes .

Q: Where can I obtain treatment of Vitiligo with Excimer system

A: Only a few leading Dermatologist are equipped and trained to provide this cutting- edge treatment for Vitiligo. Call your doctor today +9714-2282444 or visit web site

Stop suffering and start Living free of Vitiligo

For some , you can have that freedom today- thanks to the Laser system.With Excimer laser you are likely to find that you are spending a lot less time - and less money-managing your Vitiligo. Be sure to call us today if you are a candidate for revolutionary new Laser therapy .

Problem with your current treatment for Psoriasis?

If you have fed up with current Psoriasis treatments like PUVA , Narrowband UVB , Oral and indictable drugs-If you have developed serious side effects due to other treatments -Try Excimer Laser -Effective clearing - Quick results- Easy treatments , No messy harmful cortisone creams- No strong oral systemic harmful drugs- No UV radiation side effects.Delivers Laser light specifically to the Lesion site via fiber optics .

New treatment for effective relief-

If you suffer from Psoriasis you should know about new Excimer Laser system.The first FDA approved Laser treatment for Psoriasis .

Excimer Laser system is the most exiting breakthrough in years .Its a psoriasis treatment that really works- and work fast-It is just amazing .

Stop suffering and start living free of Psoriasis symptoms

You deserve more freedom-

Freedom from discomfort

Freedom from embarrassment

Freedom to wear cloths

Freedom from bondage to your skin

Freedom from side effects

You can have that freedom today- thanks to Excimer Laser treatment system .With Excimer Laser you are likely to find that you are spending a lot less time -and less money -managing your Psoriasis. And you are getting relief that really works-leaving you free to live your life to the fullest. Please Call us today +9714-2282444 .

Vitiligo Before and after

Psoriasis treated with Excimer Laser

Psoriasis before and after








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