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Ultra Lift

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Best Dermatologist in Dubai


HIFU High intensive focalise ultralift for  skin tightening by Dubai dermatologist Dr.Mahavver Mehta


  What is Ultralift
Ultralift is a new non-invasive treatment option that utilizes ultrasound to tighten, tone and lift sagging skin on the face. Many call it the “non surgical facelift” or skin tightening.

Which areas does Ultralift target?
ultralift can target many areas. The most popular are the brow, neck, jawline, chin ( double chin ) and cheeks.

Can ultralift be performed instead of a surgical facelift?
Surgical facelift, is more aggressive and associated with a Downtime and Healing Period . The results of Ultralift are immediate and there is no downtime or Healing Period .

How does ultralift work?
ultralift specifically targets the collagen-producing layer deep beneath the skin, the same layer that is targeted during a surgical facelift.

Am I a candidate for ultralift?
You may be a candidate for ultralift if you have loose skin on your eyebrows or eyelids or double chin but are not yet ready for facelift surgery.

How should I prepare for ultralift?
No special preparations are necessary before ultralift, It’s completely painless
What happens during an ultralift session?
During an ultralift session, the skin on your face is cleansed and then the ultrasound handpiece is applied to your face.

Is ultralift painful?
Its completely painless procedure
What happens after ultralift?
You can see immediate results and then they keep improving over the next 3 months .

How soon after ultralift will I see results?
ultralift produce noticeable results immediately, and most patients see improved results within 2-3 months.

How many ultralift treatments will I need?
One ultralift treatment is usually enough, although some patients may benefit from additional treatments.

I am interested in learning more about ultralift. What are my next steps?
If you really want a a treatment That is Quick and Has immediate results and you do not Want to undergo a Surgery .
If you are looking for:
•Skin Tightening
•Wrinkle Reduction
•Face Lifting
•Facial Contouring
•Double Chin Removal
with immediate visible and long term results with No Downtime at all, ULTRALIFT is the best technology

Best Dermatologist in Dubai
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