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skin , beauty & Health care tips-Just Grab it

Remember my favorite and very simple old dictums which I always said to my medical students in my teachings and to my patients stands very true today-

a)" Skin is the mirror of internal disorders"

b) "Prevention is better than cure "

c) "Health and skin care is more important than wealth"

d) "Earlier the diagnosis better the prognosis"

e) "Better late than never"

f) "Time and tide waits for none" so act now-

All of the above dictums are very true and you know them very well-

Your Dermatologist can diagnose several serious and life threatening internal diseases such as internal cancer , Diabetes , Hypertension , Liver disorders much before symptoms of the disease from examination of your skin , hair and nails and from established so called cutaneous markers of systemic disorders .Your dermatologist can make you look younger ,can arrest and delay external aging and many cases turn the clock back and revert your external aging. Skin cancer can be "spot and stop" is diagnosed early. Health and skin care is in more than any fashion in new milenium. Take care of health and skin care. Here are few health and skin care tips from your Dermatologist -

1.Periodic self examination of your skin , hair and nails if any abnormality found please report to your dermatologist without any delay.

2.Avoid sun and use good non comedogenic , hypoallergenic and oil free sun screening agent when in sun

3.Use good cleanser and body wash to clean entire body every day which can cleanse your skin from deep pores.


Stop smoking .It is a bad habit and not appreciated in society .Why you want your harmful smoke to be inhaled by others. It can cause serious diseases of lungs and arteries . Causes blackening of lips and may even cause impotency. Do you want to know my story how I quit smoking? OK let me tell you .Twenty or thirty years years back smoking was very much in fashion and many high society people used to smoke ,of course now the trend is entirely reversed. When I saw my Little child inhaling my smoke in bedroom I realized I am doing great injustice and harm to my innocent child and I should not be so selfish. I quit smoking. Now I don't allow patients and visitors to smoke in my office .

5.Eat lots of fiber in your diet and take anti oxidants vitamins called anti aging Vitamin A , C , E and Q 10 coenzyme etc. every day under supervision of your doctor.

6.Drink plenty of water

7. Do regular exercise , (Before starting exercise have fitness test from your doctor), lots of walking , sports and be social as public interaction is very important . do not be lonely and do not isolate yourself , isolation can have great psychological impact on you.

8.Don't be over weight . Obesity is a disease. Don't carry this extra baggage or else you will pay big price for this extra baggage. It is predisposed to several diseases like heart disease , Diabetes , Hypertension and arthritis etc.Your legs have to carry this extra baggage and your heart has to pump more blood to extra tissue.

9.Use low potency alpha hydroxy acid 10%(My favorite Glycol acid) EVERY DAY under supervision of your dermatologist to rejuvenate your skin.

10.Have periodic office peel procedure done by your dermatologist who can use high potency glycolic acid or any other peel for face and body.

11.Get rid of cellulite by massage and vacuum device applied on body skin to move the fat and make it smooth contour.

12.Get your moles checked regularly by Dermatologist


Have healthy food rich in vitamins and proteins. Avoid high calorie food. Sugar and fried cholesterol containing should be avoided.

14.Have regular health check as early detection of any disease can save you from lots of trouble.

15.I discourage self medication .Consult your doctor .

16.Avoid stressful situations as Anxiety and depression can have serious adverse effect on all the systems of body including your skin and you will have frowning and bad expression on face which no body likes. Your skin will reflect what you are from inside.

17.have all protective vaccine .Discuss with your doctor

18.Say no to drugs

19. Consult your dermatologist even if your skin is spotless and take advise how to prevent skin diseases and how to delay aging skin. Live healthy and longer.




Best Dermatologist in Dubai
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