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CO2 Laser ablation for warts , skin tags , PPP , Benign growths


 Laser treatments for various skin diseases and for cosmetic needs. I am also frequent invited speaker and Faculty for most international conferences in Dermatology and Lasers all over the world. I have successfully treated thousands of patents from over nationalities.

. Laser skin surgery is the art and science of selective Photothermolysis. The use of Lasers in dermatology is rapidly growing based on better understanding and manipulations of underlying laser tissue interaction. This trend will increase. Development of new laser technology and more research in this field will help patients to attain more and more selective treatment of dermatology and cosmetic conditions by using appropriate laser technology. Today there are several types of Lasers in use like Argon Laser , CO2 laser Ultra pulse and super pulse , Nd yag Laser Ruby laser , Diode laser , Alexandrite laser ,copper vapor laser , tunable dye laser 577 to 585 , Kripton laser and several others. Each one has different wavelengths and work on selective thermolysis by causing destruction of desired unwanted structure leaving other skin structures intact, hence no damage to normal skin and no scaring and best cosmetic result.
Indications of skin Laser surgery-

Planter warts , Genital warts , Molluscum contagioscum
Port wine stain
Granuloma pyogenicum
Varucae Vulgaris
Adenoma sebaceum
Xanthlesma Palpebrarum
Any Benign skin neoplasm
superficial Basal cell carcinoma
Rhytids ( Wrinkles )
Seborrhic Keratosis and actinic keratosis
Caf-au-lait spots
Pearly penile papules (PPP)
Skin Tags
Permanent Laser hair reduction and several other cosmetic procedures .
Please ask your doctor to schedule an appointment and discuss more

   mole1before Mole after treatment

  Before                                 After


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