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 Post acne Scars

Post acne scars is one of the commonest cosmetic problem and result from neglected acne or improper treatment. Post acne scars are certainly a preventable condition which could have been prevented by simple advise from your dermatologist. It is now not as easy to undo these permanent scars , pits and blemishes. There is a need to evaluate these patients and there is need to do one or several following procedures in order to offer cosmetic acceptable result.

What procedures can be done for post acne scars ?

1. Alpha hydroxy peel (Glycolic acid cosmetic grade 70%)
2. TCA peel
3. Laser resurfacing
4. Dermabrassion
5. Skin fillers such as Patients own fat , Collagen , Restylane , Parlane
6. Subcision
7. Excision of scars
8. Sub dermal grafts from patients own tissue

9. Non surgical skin tightening

10. Non-Invasive Laser

11. CO2 Fractional Laser

12. RF Fractional micro needle

None of the treatment can give you 100% correction but certainly some degree of improvement is expected in each treatment . Now you understand how difficult to correct acne scars so please do not neglect simple disease like Acne. Please schedule an appointment to discuss more what I can do for you. Please call now Tel +9714-2282444 or visit to our contact page .

Acne scar treatment by Dubai Dermatologist Dr.Mahaveer Mehta with Fractional Laser and PRP



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Best Dermatologist in Dubai Best Dermatologist in Dubai