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Best Dermatologist in Dubai


   Acne before Acne after treatment by Dr.Mahaveer Mehta in dubai

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 New acne treatment in news-Powered by Photo pneumatic Technology, This helps destroy acne-causing bacteria with a combination of pneumatic energy (vacuum) and laser light to produce a dramatic pore purifying therapy that helps clears acne quickly and effectively.

 Acne can be surely Cured

Acne is one of the commonest skin disease that I see in my practice. This is the term used for blocked pores resulting in black heads , Whiteheads , cysts , lumps and nodules that usually occur on face , back and shoulders. Teenagers are usually affected but age is no factor we have seen acne at any age. Although it looks so simple but if proper treatment is not instituted acne can be devastating and can leave permanent ugly looking scars and blemishes for which patient will be unhappy and upset for rest of the life. Acne is curable condition . Acne can be prevented . As I always say prevention is better than cure and early you treat better the prognosis (Result). Acne scars can be prevented . Acne scar can be improved and corrected with great efforts from your dermatologist . there are many different kinds of treatment available . Acne treatment is individualized for every patients and may vary from patient to patient and time to time in same patients based on several factors. I will help you to start right treatment for you . I advise you to phone me schedule an appointment without any delay for acne treatment.

Few important tips-

1. Clean your skin twice daily with good cleanser
2. Avoid oily and cortisone containing preparation
3. Diet has little role but avoid chocolates and nuts
4. Drink plenty of water
5. Avoid squeezing acne
6. Avoid mental stress
7. Consult your dermatologist for proper advise and treatment.
Good luck , stay acne free , call now tel.+9714-2282444








Best Dermatologist in Dubai
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